ABOUT STREAT bars in general:

Why were STREAT bars created?

In the flood of the market with protein and energy bars, the composition of which resembles a many ingredient cocktail, we wanted to offer a tasty and beneficial food that has a simple, clear and high-quality composition. We did this too.

Where are STREAT bars made?

We produce our bars in Slovakia, in a brand new production plant of Healthy Food Supplements s.r.o. in Galanta. We were thrilled by the passion and professionalism of this young company.

Visual appearance

White spots are visible on the surface of the bars. What is it? Isn't it mold?

Don't worry, it's not mold. It is a sign of our bars, cacao butter appears on the surface of the bars. We do not hinder this process, we do not use any stabilizers or preservatives. We take this phenomenon as proof of quality.

In the cut of the bar there are glittering small dots, which look like crystals. What is it?

You may find tiny crystals of mineral salts on the cut of the bar. They are definitely not a defect, they are proof of the mineral content in the bars.


What is a prebiotic?

Prebiotic is an indigestible component of food for humans, which forms a material substrate, which is fermented in the intestine by desirable, friendly bacteria. This supports their growth and activity and thus improves the health of the consumer.

Unroasted cacao is used in the bars. What is the difference between roasted and unroasted cacao?

Traditionally, cacao is prepared by roasting. It acquires its characteristic taste. Unfortunately, during roasting, it loses many antioxidants, of which cacao is very rich.

We use unroasted cacao in STREAT bars and therefore the cacao retains its rich antioxidant effects.

What is Frutalose® L 92 oligo fructose?

Frutalose® L 92 is the trade name for oligo fructose, which is a form of fibre.

How is the amount of fibre in the bar calculated?

The amount of fibre is the sum of the amount determined by determining the fibre with the Megazym enzyme kit (AOAC Method 985.29) and the amount of fibre according to the Frutalose® L 92 oligo fructose specification.


STREAT bars are rich in fibre, but also in magnesium. Does fibre not negatively affect magnesium absorption?

Information is repeated on the Internet that fibre reduces the absorption of magnesium. Also earlier studies have claimed this. It has been confirmed that various substances, especially phytates, which are associated with certain forms of fibre, can reduce magnesium absorption. This mainly concerns cereal fibre and is therefore not the case with STREAT bars. The mechanism of magnesium absorption, which is controlled by the amount of magnesium present in the diet, should also be considered. If the diet is poor in magnesium, a much larger portion is absorbed than if the diet contains a lot of magnesium. And it is true that food rich in fibre is also rich in magnesium.

What effects fiber in the human body?

Fibre slows down the transfer of nutrients from the intestine to the blood and thus leads to a more efficient metabolism of nutrients without the burden to the liver and pancreas. Fibre prevents the absorption of harmful substances. Fibre reduces the energy value of food, reduces the glycaemic index of food. Fibre in the gut binds bile acids and thus increases the excretion of cholesterol, which is bound to bile acids.

Effects of fibre on the human body is a widely described topic and therefore we recommend our own study.

Are the bars really gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free?

Yes, in every case. The ingredients of STREAT bars are naturally gluten-free and gluten cannot get into them even during production, the ingredients do not contain milk protein and do not contain soy.

No oils are added to the bars, is it correct?

Yes, we refrained from adding any oil when developing STREAT bars.

Are the principles of RAW being followed during production?

Fundamentally yes, the production is gentle to ingredients, the raw ingredients are heated only to the limit for RAW quality.


What are STREAT's distributors? Where are STREAT products available?

Our company is building its own distribution channels and you can buy STREAT products in the e-shop: www.shop.streat.cz

STREAT bars are only available in packs of 20, they are not available in individual pieces or in smaller packages. Why?

A package of 20 STREAT bars represents a personal monthly dose. We are not considering the production of smaller packages yet and individual STREAT bars are offered only at special events. By this we aim on the responsibility of our customers.

I am interested in ordering bars, but the bars are currently unavailable. Why?

We perceive STREAT bars as premium products and we produce them continuously in smaller volumes, so that they are always fresh. You can pre-order STREAT bars. As they are made, they will be sent to you.